Swirly Dragon

25 11 2010

I created this drawing a long time ago.  It is done on a space book scratch pad with swirly colours underneath.  🙂


My Comic Book!

29 05 2010

I got this idea from comic books.  I have a whole bunch of comic books.  One that is really precious to me is called “The Heroic Age: The Avengers”.  It is a number 1.  =]

Sumi Dude

29 05 2010

This is a drawing of my favourite Olympic mascot named Sumi.  I have a Sumi stuffie!  I want to be a bobsledder when I grow up!

Encaustic Galaxy

2 07 2009

Today, I was trying to make an elephant, and the wax broke into pieces.  So I made it into a new picture.  The elephant was great, and now it’s even better as a galaxy!  Hope you like it!Encaustic Galaxy


4 04 2009

This picture is a collage from the movie Monsters vs. Aliens.  It’s a good movie, because it has a whole bunch of monsters.  A lot of funny parts are in the movie.  I recommend you see it!


Santa on the Go

1 12 2008

This picture is one that I made at school.  I really like it.  Hope you do too!

Check out Rudolph at the front!


Me and the Fair

11 11 2008

Me and the Fair